Seeker’s Vow (Book Four of Ordella’s Quest)

In one of the Warren’s outer corridors, Ordella believes she has discovered the opening to the secret passage marked on her father’s map.

She is convinced that this path will lead her to him, and it will only be a matter of time before the vow she made to her grandmother will finally be honored.

Yet fate has other plans. Her journey is delayed when she meets a young girl called Linnet and her peculiar pet rat, Nibbles. And it grinds to a halt when she is captured by a band of escaped Rabbits.

Ordella uses her cunning to escape to the tunnels, but the route ahead is fraught with danger.

Deadly obstacles, savage creatures, and wily adversaries stand in her way. And to make matters worse, a familiar enemy has returned, determined to exact his vengeance.

Will Ordella muster the strength to protect her new friends and complete her quest? Or will her promise go ever unfulfilled?

Find out in Seeker’s Vow, the fourth book in the Ordella’s Quest series.

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